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thought this was a full game was not ready for the ending of version 0.2.2

Cool game, going against only the princess was difficult enough, I can't imagine against so much toads lol 

Luigi should be part of a 2 player experience like versus and co-op versus should be like someone's the ghost and the other is trying to collect the souls

Why the prinecess is in the castle? cause she needs DEATH

cuz ur mom nega

how did princess peach became a ghost and how did the toads became ghosts in the first place?

I will explain it in future updates, don't worry 

Can you make some cutscenes

Yeah, I will try for sure


you know what I don’t understand though 

I enjoyed it alot! I kept messing up at the end but it was really fun. It was scary and also nostalgic for me since it remind me kinda of the DS Mario 64 i use to play as a kid... Anyway I did make a video about it and some other games floating around if you want to check it out.

Hello there! I played your game in my recent 4 Spooky Games video and your game I played last. I first heard about your game from 8-BitRyan and he was right in that your game is pretty spooky! I can't wait to see what future updates there will be!

i hope luigi is a demon in the full game


Yo This Game Real Scary Yo 

made me scream

Gameplay en español

I really like the creative liberties you took with Peach's castle, it makes it a lot less unfair now that you can't get completely cornered in most of the rooms. The only bad part I didn't like is peach, Not because of her ai or anything, but just seeing her swim through the air like that with the sill cartoon ghost tail is really goofy looking. The way she used to just ominously hover was really creepy. I think the worst part  is the the t rex noise when she sees you, it just feels super out of place and corny, it usually ends up removing any tension that was built up. The toads though are fine they actually scared me quite a few times. Other than that this game is reeeally good and I can't wait to see what's next.

Destroyahh40 strikes back!!! Playing the new updated version, and boy was it amazing. A beastly great update!!! (It is the first game I play out of the 3 others.

NO WAY DUDE. This Game Is Awesome.  This Game Took My Around 3 Hours to beat, even on easy mode, because peach's AI is SOOO Advanced. Thanks For This Wonderful game, and please please PLEASE Do More Updates. 

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I had a lot of fun playing your game! when the full game releases you can bet I'll make a video on that too 

Im a bit late playing the old demmo version but man, this game was such a great idea!!! ill be making another video on the new version, cuz it looks alot better with those awesome mechanics!!! Keep up the good work!!!

I made a video on your game (19:45)

This game was a blast! Can't wait for the completed release!

This Isn't Mario 64 | Another Princess In Our Castle

did a video on this game I really loved this it was my first experience with a horror style Mario game keep up the good work!!

This game was absolutely amazing! I very much enjoyed the scary atmosphere and use of the character models! I can't wait to see more! Please keep up the amazing work! 

honestly one of my favorite horror games i've recorded 

I didn't know what to expect from a Mario horror game but I was decently impressed! Who knew Peach could be terrifying? Timing out our escape from her was certainly interesting, glad we got to see it through to the end. Was great for the spooky season, happy to have checked this out for a video :)

I absolutely loved this the cliff hanger is unreal I made this a long time ago but I didn’t get around to post it but it made a spot in my spine chilling games series I can’t wait to see the full release of this 

I played your game second

Didn't expect to be as scared as I was! Great short horror demo!

Estamos deseando jugar la nueva actualización con los Toad!!

This was a fun spin on the mario franchise. Had me spooked for sure 

im shit my pants

Seriously Nice job with this demo they caught me by surprise! Please keep up the work!

wow. i really enjoy the toad mechanic. good idea.

I found a bug, i guess


It got patched in 0.2.1

Fun little fan game. Even the easy level is hard, tho, but of course, this is a horror version of Mario.

This game is an absolute masterpiece so far! I can only think of so many things to suggest adding in, but the final decision is obviously in your hands. Keep up the good work CM9, and I can't wait to see the latest update or full version! XD

Nos ha encantado, deseando tener la completa!!!

Looks amazing

wow it's horror

but this game is ni=ce

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The game concept and gameplay are awesome... but I was way too impatient to finish it without checkpoints, sorry! Hope to see a full version and will try to finish when there are some! Last game in the video.

how do i play this

Kinda reminds me of Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning.

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