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fantastic!!! 100% should make it a full game 

love the game it was so good keep up the good work man

pretty good. will keep in mind for future updates

I loved this game so much!! I cannot wait for the full version to drop!

any update ?

This was definitely awesome. I love how close the map is to the original mario 64. Great work!


this is a good game

Enjoyed visiting this castle again.

Love the way the game looks it's so nostalgic 

I love Mario 

This game for me was very interesting, I'm a fan of mario 64 and a horror version is something very cool

gameplay pt-br

This was a great little horror game! First Mario themed one I have tried and you guys are killing it! The ghost model of peach is great, and the music and effects straight from 64 gives such a nostalgic vibe! It was hard as hell but fun, I hope to play the full version when its released! I recommend completely!

Terrifying for sure

Great game! Still have to try the update out.

Awesome game!! Well done dev! Awesome twist on a classic. Had a lot of fun making a video for your game. 

Had loads of fun playing your game. I beat it on the hardest wasn't easy but extremely enjoyable. Please keep this game going i would love to play the rest...Here goes my vid i got extremely hyped at the end lmao

I had a lot of fun with this! ^-^

The game ran smoothly and the map itself was AWESOME!! I loved walking around and seeing the whole thing in first person

Also I loved the different challenge modes you had even though I only did one I'll definitely go back to it again though to try them out as well also the horror models for Peach and Toad look amazing!!

I know it is just a demo but I was still so impressed with it and had so much fun with it!!

Thank you for making it! ^-^

Anybody Downloaded V0.1.0 Before It Was Too Late?

Good game but if this is what Mario has to deal with irl, they can keep the Princess.

good game


This game was short and sweet and really a pleasure to roam around. 


It was a great experience! Me and a couple of friends played it last weekend. We had a great time, one of my friends managed to advance so smoothly that we forgot this was incomplete and we got super surprised with the end of the demo

Good luck in the development of this project! It's really great ^^


Would love to see where you take this since you're planning on making it a full game. If so I'll definitely check it out. Really enjoyed it! I played on easy or normal, I'd imagine the hardest difficulty is insane lol


check out my playthrough

I enjoyed this a lot! It wasn't really shown that well in my video but my heart was pounding the first time seeing Peach

I will probably be playing any updates that come out on the channel.

Thank you CM9_Animation!

I'm still getting into a gaming format.

Me encanto el juego :3 ojala pronto lo sigan actualizando 

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that was actually insne, waiting for the final product

Here is my playthrough, had fun, i just suck at games 

how to get v0.1????? i want it :

when next update ? o_o

this is not scary

Just got done playing, can't wait for the finished product. Super well done man!

when is the next update

Okay i have a suggestion like add a map. so you can know where peach and the toads are.


naaaaa make it a cheat in the settings

So much fun, can't wait for more!

This was so much fun to play!


whose the  other prinsses



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